The Cleveland Browns mostly got their new uniforms right, mostly

The Cleveland Browns went back to the past for their new uniforms and mostly got it right, but there is still one fatal flaw with the new designs.

Orange on brown will never look good. It just won’t. For fans of the Cleveland Browns, it has to be admitted that the team picked the two worst possible primary colors in all of the world in orange and brown. There is no way you can make orange and brown work unless you use a lot of white and I mean a lot of white.

The new uniforms get it mostly right with this in mind. The Browns will feature four uniforms for the next five years. The standard home uniform features a brown jersey with the old school white number blocking from years gone by. Stripes are back on the shoulders, centering around three white stripes and two orange stripes that separate the white. The pants are white with orange and brown stripes down the side. A perfect look. Mostly because every jersey variant will no longer have the word ‘Cleveland’ etched on the chest.

The standard aways is a white jersey, white pant combo and they look just as good as the standard home. A perfect complement and ones that will make the Browns fans happy.

The color rush uniforms, however, are awful. You just can’t do much with orange and brown. How much would we all kill to go back in time, change Paul Brown’s name to Paul Neon Green? Looking at a jersey with a brown base and orange numbering is just sacrilege. The new color rush uniforms are eerily similar to the previous ones, brown pants still included.

There also seems to be an alternative away uniform with the white jersey and brown pants combo, which is equally as bad as the color rush home jerseys.

So on one hand, the Browns got the everyday home and away uniforms right but then absolutely pooched the rarely used color rush side of things. Also, brown pants? WHO thought that was a good idea? Who? I need to know who to lob harshly-worded criticisms at on Twitter.

On top of the new uniforms, there is still some more good news about all this. Jimmy and Dee Haslem are using the new jerseys as a way to donate to charity. All proceeds of any jersey sales that fans purchase for a limited time will go into the Hats Off to Our Heroes fund, which was set up to help provide relief to those dealing with the fallout from  COVID-19.

Do you like the standard home and away uniforms? What about the color rush ones? Sound off down below.

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