Despite early concerns, Kevin Stefanski and Andrew Berry are gelling

Cleveland Browns Kevin Stefanski (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Kevin Stefanski (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

Kevin Stefanski is the Cleveland Browns head coach and his working relationship with Andrew Berry could be the thing legends are born from.

When Kevin Stefanski was hired before eventual general manager Andrew Berry, many fans were perplexed by the process. Usually, general managers want to pick their own head coaches and not have one thrust upon them. Considering the Hue Jackson and John Dorsey relationship, it’s not exactly an everyday situation with the Cleveland Browns where the general manager and head coach are getting along, but rookie coachStefanski and rookie GM Berry seem to be on the same page. That’s the message Stefanski put out there after doing an interview with Adam the Bull and Dustin Fox on Wednesday’s Bull and the Fox courtesy 92.3 The Fan.

On Wednesday’s show, Stefanski went on to say;

"Working together (with Andrew Berry), we have a chance to do something; why make things harder on ourselves when we don’t have to?"

In years past there’s always seemed to be a problem with the GM and coach of the club but right now all things seem to be gravy and that’s a new experience for fans. Stefanski cites his father Ed’s time as an adviser to the Detroit Pistons’ owner Tom Gores and current interim status as the team’s general manager as part of the reason why he and Berry get along.

Since his father was always an office guy, Kevin has a healthy respect for that side of the business and mentioned as much to Bull and the Fox. After coming off of the awful Dorsey-era, to have a head coach who openly admits to wanting to work with a guy and not in spite of him is refreshing and one that Browns’ fans should be appreciative of.

The team is in it’s best place in years, simply because they have two-egoless (hopefully) people running the franchise.

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