Cleveland Indians rumors: Francisco Lindor won’t talk contract extension

Cleveland Indians Francisco Lindor (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)
Cleveland Indians Francisco Lindor (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images) /

Some new Cleveland Indians rumors revolving around the contract of Francisco Lindor have popped up, and of course, it’s not good for the Tribe.

July 1 resume play. July 2, Francisco Lindor gets traded? The way the things are going for the Cleveland Indians, this wouldn’t exactly be a shock.

OK, first things first. There is a rumor floating around that MLB is aiming to play on the first day of July, playing in as many ball parks as they can (no fans).

As to my LIndor negativy? The four-time All-Star won’t even entertain the Indians in contract negotiations, according to ESPN’s Keith Law.

“They can’t even have the conversation. They’ve tried to have those conversations,” Law said on 92.3 The Fan.

The truth is, even before Law dropped this nugget, the Lindor parade to the winter of 2021 was basically a forgone conclusion. If you’ll recall, the Tribe gave a little life to the Tribe faithful when it was rumored the two sides were talking.

In those talks, which ended in early March, there were rumors the Indians might try and get creative, possibly by deferring some of the money owed to LIndor.

Alas, nothing came out of those conversations, and then the world closed, and here we are now.

The Indians were never going to meet his demands and even with the economy turned upside down, Lindor still figures to earn more by gambling things get back to normal by the time he’s a free agent.

As for trading Lindor, well, there’s the old platform, which I’m still standing on, calling on the Indians to go for it in 2020. We still don’t know what a season might look like, so if there’s only 60 to 70 games, give me the Tribe’s pitching staff and Frankie at short and let’s roll the dice.

On the flip side, there’s been a ton of speculation surrounding radial realignment if and when play resumes. Perhaps shuffling divisions convinces a team to pony up the goods for Lindor.

The one team most closely tied to Lindor in rumros was the Dodgers, but after LA acquired Mookie Betts, Law said he hadn’t heard a peep about Lindor. The Dodgers are rich with prospects, but it seems like that ship has sailed.

Again, with the Tribe’s staff, not to mention a pretty good lineup, they might as well just go for it. Lindor is probably the greatest player three generations of Indians fans will have ever seen play live.

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