Jarvis Landry gives Browns fans hope he’ll be near top form in August

Cleveland Browns Jarvis Landry (Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Jarvis Landry (Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images) /

In order for Baker Mayfield to succeed in 2020, he’ll need his favorite playmaker Jarvis Landry and it sounds like he may be ready to start the season.

Jarvis Landry is integral for the Cleveland Browns new offense. He’s the best pass-catching playmaker on the team and one of the five best wideouts in the NFL. That is when he’s healthy. Landry had offseason hip surgery to fix some lingering issues and the hope is that when Landry is ready to return he’ll be near to his pre-injury form. That’s the hope anyway.

During a press conference on Wednesday, Landry revealed that he didn’t want to have surgery but glad he had it. Telling a group of reporters “It was something that I knew I needed, and I was gonna try to put off and play tough guy for one more year,” Landry said, “But just understanding where I was and the things my hip injury was not allowing me to do, again, I did not want to be part of the reason for the team not having success, myself not having success and unselfishly [I] decided to just go have the surgery.”

Landry did go on to say that he’s a bit ahead of schedule and hopes that his August return date is still very much the target window. That should really appease Browns’ fans, seeing as how he’ll need to shake off the rust as quickly as possible. It isn’t just the desire to see Landry back in action but a need to see how his hip is recovering.

A hip injury can be career-ending if it’s severe enough. If that’s the case, then a mild hip-injury could be career altering. Does he still have that same kind of flexibility and mobility? Can he still shift his weight on slant routes and get open? These aren’t questions anyone knows the answer too yet, and won’t know until August rolls around.

The hope is that he comes back just as good as ever and that the surgeries were a success. Which is what everyone is rooting for because Landry will be instrumental in helping this offense run effectively. No wideout has as many yards or receptions from Baker Mayfield as Landry and the two have had great success so far; helping Landry go to back to back Pro Bowls in Cleveland.

There’s hope he returns to form and has another stellar year for the Browns, but only a return to the field will give fans and critics alike an opportunity to see for sure what Landry can look like following such significant surgeries.

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