Cleveland Indians: 3 names the club needs to avoid if a change happens

Cleveland Indians Larry Doby
Cleveland Indians Larry Doby /
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The Cleveland Indians are mulling a name change, but there are a few names to certainly avoid.

There’s a lot of debate around what the name of the Cleveland Indians should be changed to. Granted, too many people are getting drunk on their own hate and don’t even realize why the team is considering changing the name. It’s not about any protest or outrage, because there’s none. It’s simply time. Chief Wahoo was wholly problematic, but the name “Indians” is not. It’s just inaccurate and has never been the way to go.

Not every team named after a first nation’s group needs to change their name. The Indians don’t need to change their name (but they should). The move is just a long time coming. So change the name. Make it grand. Make it regal. Make it something Clevelanders alike can root for.

Find the right name.

Part of the issue with most of the team names being suggested is that they’re old. They’re used up and attached to someone else’s history. Now yes, there’s a column on this very site that looks at several ideas but that doesn’t mean those picks are the top selections on anyone’s big board. Merely that they’re the best of the already used options. The team’s new nickname has to be original, yet tied to the city. Classic, and modern all at the same time. All while remaining timeless.

It’s an impossible idea, to try and name a beloved team something that everyone will love, but you have to try at the very least. There are a lot of good ideas and a lot of bad ones, just don’t pick one of those ideas from these next three.