5 Cleveland Browns whose stocks need a boost at Training Camp

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Baker Mayfield

A year ago, I would’ve never imaged putting Baker Mayfield among these players, but the reality is that the third year of the quarterback’s career is going to be a big one.

Next offseason, the Browns will be eligible to offer Mayfield an extension. They will, if they view him as the franchise quarterback we thought him to be back in 2018.

With turnovers galore in 2019, though, there’s hesitancy to believe Mayfield is the player who can lead the Browns to the Super Bowl.

A lot of Mayfield’s problems were attributed to Freddie Kitchens, and some of that criticism is fair. However, Mayfield’s the one out there making reads and throwing the ball. All of those picks he threw go next to his name in the stat column, not Kitchens.

A lot of pundits, myself included, think Baker’s going to get new life playing for Kevin Stefanski, who zone blocking scheme is expected to elevate Mayfield’s game. Let’s hope so, because Mayfield’s stock certainly needs it.