Watch: The Indians saw Jose Ramirez outrun the Orioles on the base paths

Cleveland Indians Jose Ramirez (Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images)
Cleveland Indians Jose Ramirez (Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images) /

The Orioles were no match for Jose Ramirez and his base running skills.

The Indians saw Jose Ramirez break the internet on Wednesday when he somehow managed to escape a run down and turn a single into a triple. The whole thing started during the bottom of the third. The Tribe had two on in scoring position and Jose Ramirez came to the plate. Cesar Hernandez was on third, and Amed Rosario second.

Trailing 3-2, Ramirez swung at one on the edge of the plate and belt high and dropped it into the outfield. Hernandez was able to score easy but the Orioles were able to cut the ball off and throw it back to second. Ramirez, thinking the throw would go home, kept running and got caught in the rundown.

This allowed Rosario to break the tie, putting the Tribe up 4-3 now. Ramirez looked like he was done and caught.

Jose Ramirez shows why you never stop running.

Ramirez was able to evade the first tag attempt when the second basemen threw to first in order to cut off Ramirez. This was when everything broke down for the Orioles. No one ended up covering second base in time and Ramirez was able to dash back to second.

For some reason, everyone had cheated over to cover first and home, meaning third base was wide open. So when Ramirez saw this, he kept running, albeit awkwardly, and turned what should’ve been an easy out for the Orioles into a triple.

It’s things like this that make baseball so fun.

The Indians haven’t wrapped up the game just as of this posting (we’ll update it with the final score when it goes final) but Cleveland currently has an 8-7 lead over Baltimore in the bottom of the eight.

Ramirez has three RBI’s on the day, Hernandez has two as well, while Eddie Rosario and Bradley Zimmer both have two hits on the night.

Update: Indians held on to win 8-7.

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