Indians: Tribe should bring back Oliver Perez as a starter

The Indians should consider bringing back Oliver Perez.

The Indians is in dire straights at the moment with regards to their starting pitching. They’re relying on a patchwork rotation at the moment, but their relief may just be a phone call away. Oliver Perez, who was released not long after the season started, is currently 39-years-old and still pitching in the Mexican leauge. Now, contracts with foreign leagues differ but most have a buyout clause in them to allow players to go back to the Majors.

With Shane Bieber out and the rotation being messy even with him and Zach Plesac healthy, Perez may be able to follow in the footsteps of John Smoltz and convert back to a starting pitcher late in his career.

The Indians should consider this for Perez and bring him back. He’s one of the more reliable arms out there and he has a history with the team that makes him a good fit. He’s well liked by his former colleagues and despite being 39-years-old, he’s still pitching at a high caliber.

Now, you may piont out that he’s a bit old, and maybe doesn’t have the stamina in his arm to work as a starter anymore, but he’s defied critics before, why not again?

Oliver Perez is tearing it up at the moment.

Pitching for the Toros de Tijuana of the Mexican league, Perez has pitched in 11 games, and registered 11.2 innings pitched, while maintaining a sub-three ERA at 2.31. While many may wonder about bringing back Perez as a starting pitcher when he’s been a relief pitcher for the Tribe, don’t forget he used to be the ace for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Sure, it was nearly two decades ago, but still.

He hasn’t started a Major League game since 2010, and his last start was in 2011 for the Harrisburg Senators. That doesn’t mean he just forgot how to do it. In fact, considering his frequency of pitching, it’s not all too disimiliar. Whether you’re throwing in back to back days or over the course of five innings, you’re still dealing with a form of arm-fatigue.

Perez may still be able to do it, and even if not, you can free up Cal Quantril, who is a starter, to remain in the rotation. Perez could be a godsend at this exact moment, and wouldn’t be an exspensive option.

If there’s interest in both sides, the Tribe should consider it.