2021 NBA Draft: 3 reasons Cavs got it right with Evan Mobley

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2. Cavs in no rush to trade Sexton

All of a sudden, the Cavs don’t have to rush and trade Collin Sexton. The Cavs reportedly have a hefty asking price on the former eighth overall pick. Since he’s extension eligible, teams might be reluctant to ante up Cleveland’s asking price, as  he’s extension eligible. hard to believe they will get offer they want.

Mobley is a superb, unique talent, but his offensive game must improve if he’s to live up the expectations being placed on him as he enters the league.

His teammates now include Darius Garland, Isaac Okoro, Jarrett Allen, Larry Nance Jr and Kevin Love (for now) Of the group, only Garland can be counted on to shoot and score. That’s why keeping Sexton all of a sudden becomes very important.

The Cavs still value him, and I think an extension–not a max extension–would be something the team would be open to.

For 2022, anyway, the Cavs are still going to need Sexton’s scoring. The buzz floating around the rumor mill is that the Cavs have to take a step in this rebuild. Unless they upgrade the roster in a trade that involves him, Cleveland is better off with him on the team, playing significant minutes.