Browns: 4 players to keep and 4 players to cut after preseason ends

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Cut #2 – DT Malik McDowell

It’s ironic, right after an article came out claiming how the Browns were high on Malik McDowell, all of a sudden everyone was as well. That’s fine but against the Falcons he seemed to be under pile after pile. It’s no surprise that some like McDowell, all you have to do anymore is say a guy’s been arrested a half-dozen times and someone in the comment section will scream “WhAt? He DoEsN’t dEsErVe a SeCoNd ChAnCe?”

No, not after six. Not after two.

McDowell showed up for one preseason game against the Giants, that’s fair. He only had two tackles and a 0.5 sack against the third-string Falcons. If he were any other player, you’d make a case for him being the fifth defensive lineman. After all, Andrew Billings, Malik Jackson, Sheldon Day, Jordan Elliot, and Tommy Togiai aren’t going anywhere. So what, do you carry six defensive tackles?

Do you cut Elliot, who actually looked good all preseason (good, not great), the rookie Togiai, or one of the three obvious starters? As good as McDowell has looked, he’s done all of his work against third-stringers in most cases. That, plus his attitude issues, his arrest history, and his likelihood that he steps out of line again, why would you cut someone else for him?

Keep the five defensive tackles who have good character and work ethic and let McDowell go.