Browns: Top 5 players with something to prove against the Texans

Cleveland Browns Jadeveon Clowney (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Jadeveon Clowney (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images) /

These five players need to have a redemption game against the Texans

We talked about the good from the Kansas City Chiefs game, and highlighted five of the better performances from the game, and now we’re looking at the inverse. We’re looking at the five players who have the most to prove against the Houston Texans.

The talent level between the Chiefs and Texans is noticeable, which will really be a litmus test for the Browns both offensively and defensively. You can excuse, to a degree, some of the issues the Browns faced against the Chiefs, just because of how good they are. That’s not an excuse for the loss, but there is a difference in expectations.

We expect the Chiefs to be a problem. We don’t expect the Texans to be. So the Texans are going to be a proving ground game for a lot of the Browns. If some players struggle here, then we’re going to have a very different point of view than we did after the Chiefs game.

These are five players who need to show up.

These are the five players with something to prove against the Texans

5. Jamie Gillan

I don’t have any big issues with Jamie Gillan. He had a bad game. He didn’t get a lot of opportunities to punt, which is a good thing. He may not see the field at all on Sunday against the Texans but if he does, he has to step up.

4. Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah

Travis Kelce is a slightly less impressive version of Rob Gronkowski in his prime. Gronkowski is the greatest tight end in the history of the NFL, and Kelce is a Hall of Famer in his own right. Expecting Owusu-Koramoah to stop him cold in his first pro game is a big ask. He struggled against Kelce, no denying that. The Texans, on the other hand, have Pharaoh Brown as their starter. If Brown roasts the Browns then maybe Owusu-Koramoah is more hype than heroics.

3. Grant Delpit

Grant Delpit will make his pro debut against the Texans. He hasn’t appeared in a game since being drafted in 2020 and there have been huge expectations for him when he does make his premier. While many will want to give him some time to adjust, the Texans are not a team you can sleep on. If Delpit is going to play, it’s going to be because he is ready. If he gets roasted, that’s on Delpit for not doing his job and on the coaches for rushing him. This is a big game for the rookie.

2. James Hudson

Jedrick Wills and Chris Hubbard are out for the Texans game. Logic would dictate throwing Michael Dunn or Blake Hance at left tackle, as both men have a lot of experience at tackle, but instead, the Browns will turn to fourth-round draft pick James Hudson to guard Mayfield’s blindside. Personally, I’d rotate Jack Conklin over to left tackle, and have Hance at right, but instead, we’re going to pray our third-string left tackle has what it takes.

1. Myles Garrett/Jadeveon Clowney

We’re combining them because they were both equally disappointing. The two of them together combined for seven tackles against the Chiefs, not a bad day for them in that regard. The problem is that both men were brought in to disrupt the passing game as well, and while Myles Garrett did get a sack, it was more because he got lucky than him dominating the Chiefs offensive line. The Chiefs did a great job negating Garrett and Clowney, really only getting to him in the fourth quarter with his first sack of the game. Clowney didn’t even touch Patrick Mahomes all game, let alone get a sack. Their performance in a vacuum is fine, but that would be if they were Takk McKinley or Porter Gustin. Both men are getting paid too much money to have “fine” performances. They need to dominate the entire game, not make the occasional non-play.

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