Browns: 3 players to replace Jarvis Landry with and 2 not to

Cleveland Browns OBJ (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns OBJ (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /
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Do Not Replace – Anthony Schwartz

Anthony Schwarz is not hopeless, he’s just not ready. The rookie out of Auburn is as fast as they come but so far this year he’s only made one big catch. He’s actually been far more damaging to the passing game than he has been a help.

He had a solid debut against the Kansas City Chiefs, catching three passes on five targets for 69 yards. The only problem is those two other targets that went for incompletions were 100% Schwartz’s fault.

The first came on a busted route, with Schwartz two steps ahead of a defender and a spot wide down the field, all he had to do was read the defense, adjust and Mayfield would’ve given him an easy touchdown catch. Instead, Schwartz read the defense wrong and went to the sideline instead.

The second play saw him nearly catch a fourth-down conversion but he bobbled it and dropped, turning the ball over on downs.

Against the Texans, he only had one target all game, and just like on the first missed throw in Kansas City, Schwartz read everything wrong and instead of going towards the ball, he stopped short, allowing for an interception. After that play, he was never again involved in the passing game, and no one can blame Mayfield for excluding him.

Schwartz isn’t ready. He needs to not be playing until he understands the playbook and his job much better.