Cavs: Can we really trust Kevin Love to do right by anyone anymore?

Kevin Love wants to do right by the Cavs but time will tell.

Kevin Love could very easily end up in the hall of fame one day. He’s had All-Star selections, All-NBA selections, won an NBA Championship, made the All-NBA Rookie Team, led the league in rebounding, won Most Improved, and won an NBA Three-Point Contest. He’s proven a lot in his team in the league. What he needs to prove, however, is whether or not he’s deserving to be in the Cavs rotation for 2021-2022.

Since arriving in Cleveland, drama and attitude issues have followed Love. Issues with former teammates, like Isaiah Thomas, hurt his chemistry with his fellow players. Blowups at Koby Altman became headline news, and his on-court shenanigans have tainted his image. Whether you like Altman or not, screaming at your boss over a basketball game is petulant child behavior.

Love isn’t going anywhere either. Not that both sides wouldn’t love that. The Cavs have tried trading Love and despite Love outright saying he wants to leave (hello Portland!), it’s become quite obvious that he’s going to ride out this season at least.

Because of that, it appears he’s willing to give it the old college try. Speaking with Sirius XM Radio, Love made sure to reiterate that he’s happy in Cleveland.

So many people have been so damn good to me here. I’m going to do right by them. …I’m going to put my best foot forward and some people might call that B.S., but those who know me know that I’m going to come and fight, and know that I’m going to come and do the right thing and come to play.

Kevin Love has to prove it on the court and in the Cavs’ locker room

Love sure did leave a nice quiet during the media sit-down. The problem with anyone’s words is that they’re oftentimes hollow. If you have a history of behaving one way but speaking another way, you lose credibility. Love currently has no credibility. He can regain that, obviously, but he has to put in the work.

During the interview, he explained he was well aware of what the situation in Cleveland was. This is a rebuild, and he’s aware. He made it clear that he’s ok coming off the bench and that his name popping up in trade rumors didn’t bother him because it was happening while the team was going to the Finals.

He’s correct about that.

So he is saying all the right things. Absolutely. The question is going to come down to whether it’s just words, or whether its action. If Love can return to form, whatever that may look like at his age, then the Cavs may just have the bench player they need in a 12 and 8 kind of guy.

Yet, if history is any reminder, then this may be a long season for the Cavs and Love, one that will likely see him finish out the year with the team.