Browns Rumor: Odell Beckham has apparently played his last down in Cleveland

Browns (Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images)
Browns (Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images) /

The Browns are seemingly done with Odell Beckham’s drama.

Several reputable outlets, like Mary Kay Cabot of and Zack Jackson of the Athletic, are reporting that Odell Beckham is done in Cleveland. It’s a move that came three years too late. Beckham was never a good fit for the team, and the trade for him actively hurt the Browns. Cleveland gave up Jabrill Peppers and a first-round pick for Beckham. Kevin Zeitler, who was also sent over to New York, was part of a separate trade with the Giants for Olivier Vernon. Many seem to think the trade was some huge blockbuster, but the deals were actually made five days apart, but formally announced as one on the Browns’ website.

The move was a flawed one from the start. Injuries are the obvious point of contention, as was/is his attitude but the biggest issue with Beckham was his lack of concentration. Something that has followed him to the Browns. The biggest issue with Beckham is despite his hype, the only stat he ever led the league in was drops.

That’s who he was, a guy who didn’t concentrate all the time and allowed catchable balls to be dropped.

Odell Beckham’s antics are solely to blame for the end of his Browns tenure

Not since Ross Verba and Johnny Manziel has the behavior of one Browns’ player been so commented on. Beckham has been involved in scandal after scandal since entering the league. There was that famous video of him and his female paramour in bed at a hotel, numerous stuff involving his predilections to his nighttime activities, the cleat saga, the whole deal with wanting to play with a six-figure watch, three years of drama with Baker Mayfield, allegedly wanting out after the 2019 season (and never wanting to come here in the first place), and just gobs of stuff we’re not aware of.

This all led into yesterday’s video, a move by his father to presumably get Beckham to a new team; which was the implied purpose of the video. Yes, Beckham Sr. released the video, but Beckham Jr. was the one in the comment section, liking comments.

Beckham has had a history of issues that aren’t just related to his play with Baker Mayfield. The fact that Mayfield is the “problem” with Beckham is a lie, a narrative spun by those with something in the game. Beckham was a problem from jump street. Numerous people tried to tell the world. This was always how it was going to end. The Browns have been trying to trade him for years.

The man needs 12 or 13 targets a game to make an impact. Of course, the Browns were trying to trade him. They knew who he was.

Heck, the Giants knew who he was, with one of his former teammates burying Beckham on the way out.

"The whole game seems like a lot for him. At some point, you have to say none of your teams have been successful. At some point you have to wonder about that."

A lot of guys who’ve never played with Beckham are defending him, but how many guys who have played with him are actively defending him? None. We know this because if there was an Eli Manning or someone else out there who liked Beckham, we’d see it. After all, Eric Metcalf got traction for his take on Beckham.

So wouldn’t any of his ex-teammates?

Nope, instead, we have guys who flat out didn’t like him. This isn’t over 11 minutes of footage, and that in itself is a gaslighting exercise; there are always missed receivers. There are always going to be guys who look open but aren’t. So many people proved they don’t understand football when they commented on how “eye-opening” that video was. It’s not uncommon.

Neither is Beckham’s obtuse behavior. He’s someone who’s always put others in the path of his own ego, no matter the cost to them. He’s thrown tantrums on the sideline, has complained about not getting the ball thrown to him enough after victories, and has generally been an unlikeable guy.

Sending him home was the right call, it just should’ve happened far sooner.

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