Cavs: Team unveils new uniform, court design and pre-game intro

The Cavs unveiled a new uniform and court design before the Celtics game.

The Cavs released a new logo and jersey design for their 2021-2022 City Edition uniforms this year. Last year the jerseys were black, with letters taken from iconic music groups. This year the jerseys are more akin to the Cavaliers jersey designs of the 70s. Bathed in a deep red, with yellow trim and highlights, surrounding a central image of a Cavalier inside a basketball.

It’s sleaves and neckline are highlighted with a deep-red, white and yellow checkered pattern, highlighting the classic Cavalier color scheme from the 70s.

The new jerseys and court design were highlighted in a brand new hype-video, which will air before every Cavs game for fans inside the arena during home games.

The new uniforms prove the Cavs need to change up the colors

The Cavs City Editions have not always gone over well when first released. Last year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-inspired version was met with trepidation but they eventually grew on fans. These jersey’s, however, feel far less creative or inspired and further highlight one truth that the Cavaliers need to address;

The wine and gold color combination simply isn’t cool.

You’ll never confuse the current jerseys for anyone else’s uniforms, that’s for sure, but that doesn’t mean that they’re good. They’re very basic and plain compared to past editions of the jersey. Part of the issue is the red, as it just nerfs any uniqueness or creativity. It doesn’t pair well with other colors without creating some sort of odd holiday-themed combination.

The other issue is the “gold” or “mustard yellow”. Call it whatever you want, but it’s a mustard yellow, and no one outside of Heinz would consider mustard-yellow a great color.

The Cavs should go back to using orange and blue as their primary colors, while also bringing in different variants of their Rock Hall jerseys as their alternate. It’s one thing to be unique, but it’s another thing to stand out for all the wrong reasons.

The wine and gold era of jerseys has never really made fans pop, and with how often teams replace jerseys these days, it’s almost necessary to get drastic from time to time with massive shakeups.