6 players the Browns need to sign before their Ravens rematch

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The Browns need to sign these six players before the Ravens rematch.

Cleveland nearly defeated Baltimore last Sunday but the Browns were just too banged up to put up a real fight. The team is suffering from serious injuries that will affect the rest of the regular season, and a lack of real talent at several key positions that many thoughts had been fortified.

The Browns need to make a drastic move in order to truly compete this year. While the team is already 12, heading into Week 13, of the season, it’s never too late to try and improve your team, especially if there are some quality players left on the market to chase down and sign.

The team isn’t going to get any Pro Bowl players, and everyone is frankly a few month rental at best, but the team has to at least try. The team was sold a false bill of goods with so many of these players, and the team has to at least try and get some return on the 2021 investments.

We shouldn’t even be here, begging for 30-something-year-old free agents to come in and save the day but that’s what happens when you rely on guys who never played in the NFL before and forces sixth-round draft picks into starting positions; then constantly praise them when they have a mediocre game.

The team is in the place that it is due to the fact that Andrew Berry really believed his own draft hype and rested on his laurels. The last two drafts are not looking great, and that’s hurt this team considerably. It’s time to rely on some veterans and hope that’s enough to get the team back to the playoffs.

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