Nick Mullens gutsy for Browns, but appreciate Baker Mayfield more now

Browns Baker Mayfield
Browns Baker Mayfield /

After running the practice squad all season, Browns quarterback Nick Mullens came within four seconds of pulling off one of the gustiest, unlikely wins in franchise history.

Despite playing a game that brought the Browns to the brink of first place, all of us should have a new appreciation Baker Mayfield.

If Mayfield played in this game, the Browns probably win. The most glaring indicator was the first half, which saw the Browns shut out for the first time since 2018, when Cleveland was blanked in the first two periods at Houston.

The Browns could’ve had three points, except for another missed Chase McLaughlin try from the 40-49-yard range. However, I could’ve seen Mayfield leading at least one touchdown drive against this Raiders team.

Take that into consideration if you’re a Vegas fan. The Raiders have playoff aspirations, and they needed EVERYTHING to beat a team missing 19 players.

Browns QB Mullens had heart

Mullens wasn’t sacked once, but a lot of that had to do with the Browns designed plays, which called for short, uber quick passes out to the flat.

Mayfield is criticized for not stretching the field, but he seems like Bernie Kosar compared to Mullens, who was dreadful when trying to throw 15 yards. He didn’t hit on one of those those until late in the game (DPJ was the recipient).

According to PFF, he attempted just nine passes that went more than 10 yards downfield. Two went for completions.

For what it’s worth, Mullens showed moxy under pressure, most notably, hanging around long enough to throw that touchdown to Harrison Bryant. It’d be nice to see Mayfield pick up some of the poise under pressure Mullens displayed tonight.

That said, there’s a sect interesting in replacing Mayfield. If you ever cross one of them, say, “Fine, and replace him with whom?”

If Russell Wilson’s running through the tunnel, great. If it’s Marcus Mariota, this team still isn’t going to the Super Bowl.

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Thanks Nick, you did your best. But Baker, it’ll be good to have you back.