4 Cleveland celebrities who should’ve been in the Celebrity Game

These are four Cleveland Celebrities who should’ve been in the celebrity game.

The Cleveland Cavaliers will host the NBA All-Star Game next weekend, and the list of players has already been announced. Darius Garland is the lone Cavalier to be invited to the game, with Adam Silver committing a cardinal sin by excluding Jarrett Allen in favor of LaMelo Ball.

That one is not going to be quickly forgotten. Especially considering the NBA purposefully excluded a deserving Cavalier from appearing in front of his fans. It seemed like such an easy, slam-dunk idea. Thankfully, it’s not a conspiracy, as the NBA is just bad at their jobs.

Allen not making the squad was bad enough but the NBA quite literally rolled out the weakest lineup in the history of NBA-sanctioned celebrity basketball games. The invited roster is so bad that they actually thought inviting Mayor Mike Bibb was going to be a headline grabber. The guys’ been on the job for a few months, surely he has better things to be doing.

Now, admittedly, we don’t know who was asked, and who turned them down but there are four Cleveland icons that they could’ve asked to participate that any casual fan would be more than happy to see.

Four better options for the NBA Celebrity Game

Stipe Miocic

How are you going to have a Celebrity Game and not include the best athlete in Cleveland sports who isn’t a part of a team? Stipe Miocic is one of the five best heavyweights in the entire world of mixed martial arts. Sure, he may not have much basketball skill, but could you just imagine him throwing elbows down low. Plus, how wouldn’t love the staredown between him and Myles Garrett.

Halle Berry

If the mayor of the city can be qualified to play, why not Halle Berry? Yes, she’s 55 years old but you wouldn’t know that by looking at her. Not only that, but her love of MMA has kept her in great condition. She’s as capable as anyone and let’s be honest; she’d school Tiffany Haddish.

Katie Nageotte

The game will feature an Olympian already but why not actually have one from Cleveland? It kind of makes sense, no? After all, it makes more sense to bring in Gold Medalist Katie Nageote of Lakewood, Ohio, than it does Gianmarco Tamberi of Italy.

The Miz

While you may not be a fan of pro wrestling, Mike “The Miz” Mizanin is a very big name from the region and is someone that a lot of people know. He’s already done the 2019 Celebrity Softball as part of the MLB All-Star festivities when the now-named Cleveland Guardians hosted it. Why not make it two-for-two?