Hue Jackson is looking worse and worse as a head coach with recent promotion

Cleveland Browns Oakland Raiders (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Oakland Raiders (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

Ex-Cleveland Browns’ head coach, Hue Jackson, can’t stay out of the headlines.

Hue Jackson is proving that he was never a great guy. Even if he did dive into Lake Erie after going 0-16. The ex-Cleveland Browns head coach has found himself in one controversy after another in the last few months. First, he tried to accuse the Browns of paying him to lose, something he thought would make them look bad, but only made himself look bad for (allegedly) taking the money. Then he hired disgraced ex-football coach Art Briles to coach at Grambling, who washed out of Baylor due to his program’s history of sexual assault allegations. Briles turned down the Grambling job after the heat got to be too much for everyone.

Now Jackson is promoting John Simon to offensive coordinator. Simon was the receivers coach at Memphis before being fired for both Title IX and sexual misconduct complaints. He’ll now be overseeing the offense for Jackson.

You are the company you keep.

Jackson addressed the media last week (via Yahoo) about the promotion, saying;

"I trust John whole heartedly … and looking forward to just moving things forward, and I think our staff has done a great job. We don’t flinch when things happen, we just kind of move on, circle the wagon and keep on moving."

Simons has denied the allegations.

Apparently, Grambling is asking reporters to not do their job, demanding that reporters not ask Jackson about Briles’ departure. Seems Grambling and Jackson are made for each other.

Hue Jackson’s legacy somehow continues to get worse

I thought ex-Cleveland Browns GM John Dorsey had a poor judge of character. He does, don’t be mistaken there, but dang, Jackson is nothing but a problem wherever he goes. Even if he’s not doing or saying something directly, he’s somehow involved with dudes who are just not good human beings.

Briles lost his job for a reason. The man turned his back on victims and decided he wasn’t going to do anything to make things right. Simons might be innocent, but he might not be. Regardless, if you’re Jackson, why would you even try to get in bed with these people?

I long for the day when the only thing an Ex-Browns head coach does is open up a restaurant or become an announcer. This is tiring. Hue Jackson, you are tiring.

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