5 teams Baker Mayfield would make sense for in the 2022 season

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Five teams that make sense for former Cleveland Browns starter Baker Mayfield.

The NFL will more than likely see Baker Mayfield play for a new team by the time the 2022 season rolls around. The team is looking into trade options to get Mayfield off their books and hopefully get some compensation in return in the way of a draft pick. That’s most hopeful for them, as they gave up six picks to get Deshaun Watson.

Watson, who has 22 sexual misconduct complaints against him that have yet to go to civil court, was traded to the Browns last week after initially ruling them out. That haul that they gave up to get him hurt the Browns’ long-term flexibility, and with Watson set to make $45 million in 2023 and beyond, the team can’t afford to lose out on inexpensive talent.

With the Browns have made the trade, and the Colts taking themselves out of contention with the Matt Ryan trade, the team has no more leverage in trades. The league seems to think the Browns will release Mayfield eventually, to get out of his near $20 million salaries for the year, and that awareness has made teams hesitant to trade assets for him.

After all, why give up draft picks when you know he’s going to be released. That way you can sign him to a less expensive contract, and you don’t have to give up assets for him. Essentially, it all means that Mayfield may be on the team for a while longer.

Yet, when he does get let go, by trade or by way of a release, the ex-Browns quarterback may have several interesting landing spots awaiting him.