Baker Mayfield looked really good in his podcast appearance

Cleveland Browns (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

Despite concerns, Baker Mayfield came off very well in his podcast interview.

Former starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, Baker Mayfield, went on the “YNK: You know what I mean?” podcast where he largely said what everyone was thinking. Mayfield made it clear he felt lied to and disrespected by the Browns, who he claims misled him about their intentions. Considering the Browns contradicted themselves a lot the last year, this isn’t hard to believe.

After all, Andrew Berry told Mayfield at the combine that they were going to explore their options but it turns out that they were looking at trading for Deshaun Watson as early as the season. Watson is the same quarterback with 25 accusations of misconduct and 22 civil lawsuits still pending. All this while Mayfield played with a devastating shoulder injury. It’s hard not to feel that way.

Yet, despite the two or three headlines you’ve no doubt seen, the fact is that Mayfield came off very even keel and confident during the interview.

Concern Baker Mayfield would “go off” on the Cleveland Browns

Despite the fact that the former Browns starter pretty much said nothing too inflammatory, even taking ownership of some of his past mistakes, there was a concern by many that this was a bad idea. The most vocal may have been 92.3 The Fan’s Ken Carmen, who went on several diatribes about why this was a bad idea.

Yet, in the end, the Browns were left no more destroyed by Mayfield’s words than by Watson’s actions. Mayfield seemed happy, was grateful for the Browns’ fans, and spoke in-depth about how he’s handling the situation.

Mayfield also made it clear that a lot of what he’s going to have to do now, prove he’s worth a second contract, is not too dissimilar to what he had to do in college to earn a scholarship. In fact, the story about his entire collegiate trip, and how he went to Texas Tech than to Oklahoma, is pretty dang wild.

Mayfield’s podcast is largely nothing, and many in Cleveland worked themselves up dreading what he would say. If anything, I think the podcast showed some maturity and may have helped his standing around the league.

It certainly didn’t hurt it.

All in all, the podcast was largely a non-event and anyone getting too worked up over it really should just take a deep breath.

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