Baker Mayfield being excused from minicamp ends theory Cleveland Browns want him as an insurance policy

Cleveland Browns (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images) /

Baker Mayfield Era will not get a last go-around for the Cleveland Browns.

The Cleveland Browns have officially excused Baker Mayfield from having to attend mandatory minicamp, all but ensuring that the former playoff winning quarterback won’t take a single snap for the Browns in 2022, regardless of what happens with the disaster of a starter the team currently has.

Now, many won’t be surprised that Mayfield isn’t going to be in camp, why would he? The team insulted him, lied to him, and then replaced him with arguably the worst person in the NFL today. More fans than not knew that Mayfield would never take another snap under center, not after how the Browns treated him in the offseason.

Now the Browns and Mayfield have “mutually” agreed that the former starter won’t be in camp come Thursday, though I have my doubts over how mutual it was.

The Cleveland Browns will never bring Baker Mayfield back

There are a lot of guys on the internet who think the Browns are playing a game of Madden, and that they’re just going to horde Mayfield until they know what’s going on with their current starter and then throw him into the offense after everything and expect him to play.

Mayfield wanted out before the trade with Houston happened, there was never a chance that Mayfield would show up for camp, and considering the bad PR the Browns already have, they were not going to start fining him either.

They’re going to trade him, and now that the money from June 1 came off the books, if they want to hold onto his contract all year and pay him, then they can. They’ll lose him for absolutely nothing in the off-season but hey, as long as the Browns’ don’t look bad in yet another bad quarterback trade, right?

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