Just because 20 cases are settled doesn’t mean Deshaun Watson is off the hook

Browns Deshaun Watson (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)
Browns Deshaun Watson (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images) /

Sorry Cleveland Browns fans, Deshaun Watson’s legal odyssey is far from over.

News broke just before noon that Deshaun Watson’s legal team has come to terms with settlements for 20 of the 24 current accusers. Four of the women, including Ashley Solis, won’t settle and instead look to go to court. Solis’ statement has been the most damning so far, with her claiming Watson made her cry due to his actions, which were later corroborated to a degree by Watson himself. Though he claims he doesn’t remember why he made her cry.

That alone will likely cost him huge.

Those four cases will now more than likely be seen by a judge in a civil court, but there are still an additional two more pending as well. One is apparently from Atlanta, and that’s just from what we know. There very likely could be more accusers who come forward. With Watson’s problematic behavior only being partially uncovered so far, who knows what comes next.

Settling these cases also doesn’t absolve him from incurring any penalties from the NFL itself. Mary Kay Cabot has confirmed that the NFL still intends to act, and Pro Football Talk has reported that the punishment will be “unprecedented”.

All this means is that 20 of the cases are settled, and nothing more

20 cases are settled, and for a man who sat in front of reporters and said he wouldn’t settle, this is a terrible look. He said he didn’t have a problem, did nothing wrong, and would fight to clear his name.

Guess he took a dive after the first round.

There are still two cases that seem to be in limbo after being announced and that may not be all. Considering the number of known women he had a massage from is in the 60s currently, and possibly much, much higher, it’s very likely that we’re only clearing the deck for another round of lawsuits at this point.

He’ll likely get at least a full season, and that’s before we know anything more. Is a season enough? I don’t know, but one commenter in the PFT comments said that one game per victim would be fair. I tend to agree.

Though, if the number keeps going up, that could be catastrophic for the Browns long-term. So for the sake of Watson’s remaining few, loyal fans, let’s hope there aren’t anymore.

But does anyone really think we’re even close to being done with this mess? I think we’re through act one of a multi-act play. I could be wrong, and for the sake of any potential victim I hope I am, I just don’t think we’re that lucky.

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