3 Ex-Browns Still Without a Job After Matthew Adams Signing

The free agency craze is almost over but there are still a few former Browns who haven't signed with a team.
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The free agency craze is over. Most of the desirable free agents signed with their new teams and even though there are still plenty of players available on the market that could make an impact on a team, front offices have shifted their focuses to the NFL Draft.

The draft is only ten days away and teams are evaluating prospects to make sure they make the right decision when bolstering their roster. This means that any free agent still on the market will likely have to wait until after the draft when teams have a better understanding of their needs.

This doesn't mean that we will not see some low-end transactions in the meantime. The New York Giants, for example, just signed the former Browns linebacker and special teamer Matthew Adams. However, there are still a few ex-Browns who are struggling to find a team. Let's take a look.

1. Jakeem Grant, WR

One special teamer who hasn't had the good fortune of signing with a team in free agency is Jakeem Grant. After signing with the Browns in the 2022 offseason, Grant has had awful injury luck, forcing him out for two straight seasons. First it was the Achilles tendon in his first year, then it was a ruptured patellar tendon in his second season.

This meant that, despite signing a three-year deal with the Browns in 2022, Grant never saw the field for Cleveland. Now he is 31 years old and a free agent without a team knocking on his door.

Before his Browns tenure, Grant was one of the best kick and punt returners in the league, making a Pro Bowl in 2021. There is a chance a team will take a flyer on him after the draft on a one-year prove-it deal, or a training camp contract but his days in the league might unfortunately be numbered.