3 Former Browns Who Will Fill Miserably With Their New Teams

These 3 former Browns might not live up to expectations

Cleveland Browns, Joe Flacco
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1. Joe Flacco, QB, Indianapolis Colts

Despite winning the NFL Head Coach of the Year Award twice in four seasons, Kevin Stefanski still doesn't get the credit he deserves from the Cleveland fan base. They continue to believe he's holding the team back when in actuality, he's been getting the most out of the talent he's been given.

For example, Stefanski took Baker Mayfield to the playoffs and when Mayfield left, he didn't look like the same player until this past season — and it took him three teams to find his fit. Stefanski also had fans believing life-long journeyman Jacoby Brissett was a legit starter. Kind of like how he made Case Keenum a rich man after 2017. Once Brissett left, he couldn't beat out Sam Howell.

Now in 2023, he won with four different quarterbacks yet some believe he was still being carried. This time, it was Joe Flacco who got the credit.

While Flacco did play well, his 2023 performance was an anomaly. Before his 4-1 stretch in Cleveland, Flacco was 3-14 with Denver and the Jets. With New York, he completed just 57.5 percent of his attempts and had 14 touchdowns in nine games compared to 13 in five for Cleveland.

Now with the Colts, expect Flacco to be the same player we saw before his time with Stefanski. But don’t be shocked if the head coach still takes heat for no reason.

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