3 Free Agent Running Backs the Browns Must Target Following Jerome Ford Injury

The Browns are in the market for a free agent running back after the latest news on Jerome Ford's injury, and these are their best options.
Mark Ingram could be a Browns free agent target after the latest news on Jerome Ford's injury.
Mark Ingram could be a Browns free agent target after the latest news on Jerome Ford's injury. / Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
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The Cleveland Browns got bad news on Monday, learning that Jerome Ford is expected to miss 1-2 weeks with a high ankle sprain. That's the kind of injury that can linger, too, so the team needs to prepare to not have Ford at 100% for a while.

After already dealing with Nick Chubb's injury, however, the Browns really didn't have a roster prepared to suffer another blow at RB. Chubb and Ford being on the shelf means that there are only two running backs on the roster — Kareem Hunt and Pierre Strong Jr. This includes having none of the practice squad.

That means the Browns will almost certainly have to look to free agency to add another option. Expect them to try to sign one to the practice squad so that they can elevate the back on gameday without using up a 53-man roster spot. That means they can only target free agents, not anyone currently signed to another practice squad.

With that in mind, here are three running backs the Browns should target.

1. Mark Ingram

Is Mark Ingram washed? Yeah, probably. But we're not looking to find some spark plug running back to earn touches over Hunt and Ford.

The Browns should be looking for a reliable veteran who can pick up enough of the offense to be a viable emergency option if Hunt or Strong gets hurt. Someone who can be reliable and isn't going to single handedly sink the offense.

And the 12-year veteran Ingram can do that.

He handled 62 carries with the Saints last year, and his success rate (which measures “success” of a carry based on down and distance) of 46.8% was right in the middle of the pack for Saints running backs, not far behind Alvin Kamara’s 52.0%.

An added bonus? Ingram might have some insights to offer about his former team ahead of our Week 10 matchup with the Baltimore Ravens if he's still in Cleveland at that point.