3 Head Coaches Cavs Should Target to Replace JB Bickerstaff

The Cleveland Cavaliers should look to hire one of these names as the franchise's next head coach.
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2. J.J. Redick

If he is good enough for LeBron James, then he might be good enough for the Cavs. J.J. Redick is considered the frontrunner for the Lakers head coach opening thanks to the success he has had as a TV commentator and his relationship with James. If those talks fall through, the Cavs should certainly consider taking a look at Redick.

Hiring the former Duke star is a big risk. He has no prior coaching experience. He clearly has a good basketball mind, as proven by the in-depth X's and O's he likes to discuss on TV and his podcast with LeBron. However, coaching is more than just the X's and O's. How he is going to manage egos, control the locker room, and get his players to buy in is completely unknown.

The track record of first-time head coaches with absolutely no coaching experience is a mixed bag. Steve Nash was an absolute disaster. Jason Kidd struggled at first but eventually became a very good coach. Steve Kerr was immediately incredible with the Warriors.

So, this is a high-risk, high-reward type of hiring. It could absolutely go up in flames or help get the Cavs to the next level. Whether general manager Koby Altman and owner Dan Gilbert, who is, unfortunately, getting more involved in decision-making this offseason, are willing to take this risk remains to be seen.