3 Free Agent Running Backs Browns Must Target Following Jerome Ford injury

In the wake of Jerome Ford's injury on Monday, here are 3 free agent running backs that could possibly replace him.

3 free agent running backs the Browns should consider signing, including Kareem Hunt.
3 free agent running backs the Browns should consider signing, including Kareem Hunt. / Kareem Elgazzar-USA TODAY Sports
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The Browns have been hit hard by injuries lately with several players going down over the last week, including Greg Newsome II, Trysten Hill, Alex Wright, and others.

During Monday's practice, Cleveland suffered another significant injury when backup running back Jerome Ford hobbled off the field with a hamstring injury and exited with a trainer. Based on the video, it doesn't look great.

While the severity of Ford's injury is unclear, hamstring injuries are tricky and he could be looking at a significant absence. That would leave the Browns shorthanded at running back behind Nick Chubb, with only Demetric Felton and John Kelly under contract.

If Ford does miss time, expect Cleveland to pursue a free agent to help replace him on the depth chart. Here are three free agent RBs the Browns should pursue.

3 Free Agent RBs Browns Should Sign

1. Kareem Hunt

If Ford's injury is serious, a reunion with Hunt suddenly makes a lot more sense, especially if the front office wants to prioritize stability and certainty.

For starters, Hunt already knows the team's offense and is comfortable in Cleveland after spending the last four seasons there. He's been a great sidekick to Chubb during that time and would continue working well alongside him.

By the same token, the Browns know what they're getting in Hunt. There wouldn't be the same level of uncertainty that comes with signing a free agent who's never played for your organization before. The team already knows his medicals, performance metrics and everything else that's under the hood.

Given that Ford's injury has already happened after Cleveland's first preseason game, the team would need someone who can get up to speed relatively quickly. Hunt would be able to do that given his prior history with the team, making him an ideal match.

We'd have to move quickly, however, as Hunt visited the Saints on Monday night, so he may not be available for much longer.