5 Browns On Thin Ice After Falling to Third in AFC North Standings

After their fourth loss of the season, these 5 Cleveland Browns find themselves on thin ice for one reason or another
Cleveland Browns
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3. Greg Newsome, QB

A first-round pick out of Northwestern in 2021, Greg Newsome II has developed into a solid cornerback and even had one of his best games recently when he recorded his first NFL interception. In a win over Baltimore, Newsome tracked down a batted ball and quickly made his way into the end zone, scoring a touchdown and putting a nail in the Ravens’ coffin.

As good as he was in that game, he struggled just as much against the Broncos in Week 12. Newsome was often lined up across from Courtland Sutton who was not only able to get deep on him for a 31-yard gain early in the game to convert a third down, but he also drew a 34-yard penalty a few plays before that. This was also a third-down play and Newsome was hit with a pass interference on the Denver wideout.

This was the second game in a row where Newsome was on the wrong end of a big play. Against the Steelers, he missed on a tackle at the line of scrimmage which allowed Jaylen Warren to break free for a 74-yard touchdown.

What makes these issues in his game more frustrating is how quick Newsome is to chirp at the opponent. While it’s understandable that athletes will talk back and forth, it’s not fun to watch a player get into it with the opponents — and rile them up — only to allow a big play right after.

Given the emergence of Martin Emerson and the continued excellence from Denzel Ward, Newsome is in danger of being left behind in a very talented secondary.