5 Most Likely Donovan Mitchell Trade Destinations

What would the options be for the Cleveland Cavaliers if they were to trade Donovan Mitchell this summer?
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The Cleveland Cavaliers season is over and the ongoing drama has been relentless. An hour doesn't go by without a new report or rumor about the coach, players, and the offseason plans. The elephant in the room for Cleveland is obviously Donovan Mitchell.

Mitchell is about to enter the final season of his contract. Even though he's said he is open to staying in Cleveland, he hasn't signed an extension yet. This naturally starts trade rumors, with plenty of teams getting ready to put together their offers in the offseason.

If the Cavs decide to move on from their All-Star guard, what teams would be interested and what can Cleveland get for him? Let's take a look at Mitchell's trade landscape.

1. New York Knicks

This is not the cleanest fit as a Jalen Brunson-Donovan Mitchell pairing is not optimal in the backcourt. That duo may be too defensively and physically deficient for Tom Thibodeau's liking but the amount of talent would be undeniable.

Mitchell has long been linked to the Knicks. He grew up in New York and is represented by CAA Sports, which has strong ties to the organization. So it is understandable why the 27-year-old shooting guard is constantly rumored to the Knicks.

Plus, New York has the assets to trade for him. They have all of their draft picks and medium-sized contracts they can use to match salaries. If the Knicks have decided that Julius Randle is superfluous after their postseason run, they could use his contract to trade for Mitchell. They would need to find a third team since the Cavs don't have a use for another power forward like Randle.

If the Cavs can get two of Josh Hart, Donte DiVincenzo, and Miles McBride in this deal plus multiple first-round picks, they should seriously consider it.