Cavs About to Be Gifted Perfect Free Agent Center

The perfect frontcourt veteran is about to hit free agency and the Cavs shouldn't miss the opportunity.
Allison Farrand-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers are in the midst of a pivotal offseason that will decide the near future of the franchise. Who will be the next head coach? Will Donovan Mitchell sign a contract extension? Will the Cavs keep the Mitchell-Darius Garland-Evan Mobley-Jarrett Allen quartet together? All of these questions need answering this summer so that the Cavs have a better understanding for where they stand as a franchise.

Regardless of what they decide to do with their core four, it is obvious that the Cavs also need upgrades up and down the roster. The injuries and the way Cleveland ran out of bodies against the Celtics in the second round of the playoffs shed light on the lack of depth on this team.

The backup big position is one of those roles that need upgrading this summer. Tristan Thompson was better than expected in his role as the third big behind Mobley and Allen last season but he is 33 and on the decline.

A better big to play that role next season would go a long way for the Cavs. Fortunately for them, the perfect player is about to hit free agency. According to the latest reporting, Kevon Looney will likely be cut by the Golden State Warriors for financial reasons and the Cavs shouldn't waste any time before targeting him.

Cavs Should Target Kevon Looney in Free Agency

Looney has seemingly been in the league forever but he is only 28 years old. He certainly slowed down recently but he is still a solid big with excellent rebounding skills and defensive intensity. He is not going to stay in front of the fastest players but he is a good interior defender who plays bigger than his size.

Two of Cleveland's biggest weaknesses have been rebounding and physicality. Looney is an excellent fit to provide exactly those things in the frontcourt. He is limited offensively and will be a tough fit next to Mobley on that end but he is a smart passer, cutter, and great screen-setter who can make things easier for the perimeter players.

Plus, he has more postseason experience than anyone on the Cavs roster. Having appeared in 77 playoff games and won three championships, he can provide much-needed veteran leadership to this young Cleveland team. If he can be acquired on a short, team-friendly deal, the Cavs can do much worse than Kevon Looney.

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