Cleveland Browns: Time To Admit Mistakes From ’14 Draft?


The Cleveland Browns have not had success drafting players in the NFL Draft. The organization thought the selections of CB Justin Gilbert and QB Johnny Manziel would improve upon their lack of success. However, that has yet to happen. Is time to admit the organization was wrong about those two players?

CB Justin Gilbert and QB Johnny Manziel, both first round picks of the Cleveland Browns in 2014, came on the scene with high hopes. Those high hopes came from both the owner, Jimmy Haslam, and a very large fan base looking to get back to the old Browns ways! They were hoping they could be difference makers for the franchise.

Ray Farmer and Mike Pettine, both new to their positions as GM and head coach, were hired after some frenzied firing of the Joe Banner, Mike Lombardi, and Rob Chudzinski regime.

Instead of hiring the GM first and letting him hire the coach, Mr. Haslam hired Pettine first and the Farmer. This may have been a big mistake!

They went into their first draft together and as it appears now and during the last year and a half, neither did any due diligence. The Browns current regime have successfully blown both first round picks they made from 2014!

Gilbert has been a massive disaster. He does not take to coaching and has embarrassed himself most of the time he has been on the field at cornerback!

This coaching staff is trying anything to recoup whatever they can from Gilbert to get something out of the pick. But let’s face it, the eighth pick in the entire draft needs to be more than a kick off return man!

I had high hopes for Manziel, especially after turning himself in to rehabilitation. Spending the amount of time in there and seemingly coming out with a new attitude and reforming as well as he had seemed to work!

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However, after admitting to the police he had been drinking, that is it for me! Everyone knows that once you stop there is no going back, not even for one drink! You have fallen off you promise to yourself, family and friends–not to mention  his teammates and fans.

Yes it doesn’t seem like much now, but ask anyone who has gone through it or knows people who have. It is time for this regime to man up and admit its mistakes on them and that they must do a much better job!

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Cleveland made two mistakes drafting them, but in all it is really three. The third is the traded draft picks that were used to move up in the draft to draft Gilbert and Manziel.

With this team signing QB Austin Davis for a two year extension, the writing is on the wall. They can’t keep four quarterbacks on the roster. The roster has Davis, Manziel, Josh McCown and Connor Shaw. That is at least one if not two too many.

Manziel will have to start over again from scratch with the rehab business and then try to earn trust for the third time.

What are your thoughts?

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