Cleveland Browns: How The Coaching Staff Blew The Game


The Cleveland Browns lost a close one today. They had their opportunities to win their matchup against the Denver Broncos but could not finish with a win. Mistakes were made but they were not all committed by the Browns’ players.

Today’s loss to the Denver Broncos was terrible for the Cleveland Browns. The mistakes that were made were not just on the Browns’ players. The coaches, namely both coordinators, were mostly at fault and that includes Browns head coach Mike Pettine most of all.

First there was Pettine’s brilliant idea to go for two points too early in the game! There was really no advantage to do that and it was more of a negative than positive for the team. He’s not a rookie coach anymore so you really cannot use that as an excuse. He’s not old enough to have a senior moment.

Let’s face it, it was just plain stupid! It cost this team a game they needed to keep their momentum going, adding to last week’s win.

Next, the play calling on this team is too predictable and there is no imagination. Even I could tell you the play call watching the game on TV from South Carolina. The vaunted running game has yet to rear its head and the quality of the receiving corp is lacking– except for “Big Play” Gary Barnidge.

Cleveland’s receivers are having trouble separating from their coverage. They are mostly small for the position, so you can’t just throw it up and hope they catch it.

Now the defense. There is no pressure on the quarterback at all. Denver QB Peyton Manning is not mobile at all and they were playing a Broncos team with a make shift offensive line.

They were missing several first string personnel. Yet, no sign of pressure and if they were dropping in coverage, the Broncos’ receivers were open too many times.

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Manning also ran several quick plays that caught the defense off guard. One time this led to the defense having too many players on the field. There were no adjustments made by them to combat this.

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Speaking of adjustments, the hole on the right side of the defensive line was open enough that Denver ran through on a regular basis.

One reason that occurred was because LB Paul Kruger lined up wide on the right side, which needs attention. I could see this in the first quarter and I’m not a coach. Denver chronically attacked this hole for large yardage.

No linebacker moved to cover this up or shift Kruger back from playing so wide. There was simply too many mistakes with a lack of in-game adjustments from the coaching staff. Cleveland’s scheme is not doing what it is supposed to do and today showed it is not just a player issue. It’s time to make a lot of adjustments on both sides of the ball.

It is time for some innovating thinking and some better coaching! To improve this team, a change in schemes should start to be considered. Their gameplan was force-fed by this staff. Success did not happen and that is not because of injury, but quite frankly cannot work.

That issue is on both the offense as well as the defense. It simply doesn’t work no matter who you have for players. Today’s play showed that despite more money and draft choices being spent on defense and not offensive playmakers was again a waste!!

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