Browns: Former HC Butch Davis Wants Miami (FL) Job


The “U” also known as University of Miami (FL), have had a rich history of success in college football. However, the team is struggling right now as they look for their next head coach. The next coach may just be Butch Davis, one of the former Cleveland Browns‘ coaches.

Could a former Cleveland Browns head coach be the next head coach at Miami (FL) University? Butch Davis certainly hopes so.

The former Browns coach is also a former Miami (FL) head coach, and now he wants to come back and coach at his old school. Davis coached the Hurricanes prior to taking the same job in Cleveland with the Browns.

Davis’ best coaching job as a head coach was during his tenure in Miami from 1995-2000. The statistics speak for themselves regarding his lack of coaching success after leaving the state of Florida.

His time with the Browns and at the University of North Carolina was not good to say the least.

Davis is currently with ESPN working as a College Football Analyst.

So would Davis be a good choice? Yes he would be, but it would not be a smart one. The last time he had consistent success in football was 15 plus years ago.

He did have some success with UNC, but not enough and off the field issues is what he is more known for during that time.

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His success was not recent either and athletic directors are going to want to hire someone that can not only coach, but recruit well, and keep his program away from off the field negativity (something that was not the case at UNC).

The players he would be recruiting were not even in preschool when that occurred and some may not have even been born yet. Players are going to want consistency and see progress and success occurring for a football program to acquire, maintain their interest, and eventually get commitments.

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Now that is not the case for all recruits as some may look at other aspects of the college recruiting process to make a decision.

The chance for Davis to get an interview is to be determined later. If Davis does gets that opportunity and he sells himself for the job, Miami (FL) University needs to really sit back and figure exactly why he did not have success in Cleveland and UNC prior to offering him the job.

Their athletic office will need to do that and figure out what they would have to do to make sure that does not happen again.

Though Davis may be a possible contender now for the HC job, this position has not had the right guy in charge for years. Another bad decision will push back their development and success even longer.

Since he would be a good choice because he had success there before, but since he also is not a smart one, Miami (FL) is better off looking at other candidates that are on the rise.

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