Cleveland Browns: Why Not Start Robert Turbin At RB?


When is the Cleveland Browns going to have a respectable running game? The team has talent along the offensive line, but for many reasons the team cannot provide a consistent running game. To change that, why start RB Robert Turbin?

The 2015 Cleveland Browns like other seasons have been frustrating to watch. However, unlike this season, there was more than one guy for the most part making plays.

One big problem the Browns have had this season has been with their running game. Since they have an issue in that area, why not make Robert Turbin the starting RB?

Turbin is the most recent addition to the running back position after being picked up off of waivers from Seattle. After recovering from injury, Turbin has played in two games for the Browns. In those games Turbin has rushed for a total of 57 yards on 15 attempts.

During that same time, rookie RB Duke Johnson had 15 carries for 55 yards and Isaiah Crowell had 19 carries for 41 yards. On the season Johnson has 176 yards on 55 carries, while Crowell has 281 yards on 81 carries.

Those statistics do not demonstrate what was expected from the talented offensive line the team has and offense in general. Plenty of adjustments are needed regardless of who will be starting. Those adjustments are a mixture of coaching situations, scheme improvement, and players starting to play up to their ability level.

Whichever way the Browns tries to improve their running game, a No. 1 running back needs to emerge. However, that emergence is likely to happen after some, if not all of those adjustments are made.

Though Turbin only has a small sample size with the Browns and despite not playing much so far in his NFL career, the former Utah State product has the most experience in the NFL. He was drafted in 2012 and one key aspect that should not be overlooked is that he was RB Marshaun Lynch’s backup.

Johnson and Crowell did not have someone at the position they could go to that had previous experience with one of the better RBs in the game prior to Turbin’s arrival. Though Turbin is certainly not Lynch, his time spent playing behind him has to have benefited Turbin now that he can see more time on the field.

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Despite not much coming from the running game and those three running backs now are in a RB by committee, that should not be the case all season.

Yes, it has only been two games, but start Turbin! What they are doing now is not working. Cleveland can still implement Johnson and Crowell in if chose too.

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Turbin and Johnson can be the team’s one-two punch. Turbin’s game is more like Crowell’s, rather than Johnson’s. Crowell can be a goal line RB, while dividing the carries and plays between Turbin and Johnson.

Johnson is a wild card too, which is a positive given his ability to catch passes out of the backfield and in other areas on offense.

Cleveland’s offense is nothing to be excited about. They have a  2-5 record and the season is potentially starting to slip away if it has not already. The Browns should be open to any and all scenarios to improve the team and then implement them. This is certainly one of them and is one that needs to be done because defenses are not concerned about Cleveland’s running game.

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