Cleveland Browns: Why a Brock Osweiler trade is more likely to happen than not

HOUSTON, TX - DECEMBER 18: Brock Osweiler
HOUSTON, TX - DECEMBER 18: Brock Osweiler /

The Cleveland Browns have four quarterbacks at the moment. Don’t be surprised when eventually they trade one of them.

No, the 2017 Cleveland Browns‘ quarterback battle has not been settled. It is far from it. Besides, knowing that veteran Brock Osweiler could be Cleveland’s best quarterback right now says all you need to know about the position.

Cody Kessler is continuing to show a lack of progress. DeShone Kizer has been solid too, but as a rookie, especially a Browns’ rookie, throwing him to early is a recipe for disaster.

Osweiler will be starting Thursday night for Cleveland versus the New Orleans Saints, but don’t read too much into that yet.

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As much as one could argue that Cleveland needs to keep Osweiler this season, what if they didn’t? It would not be the end of the world, especially since he is far from a guaranteed answer at the position and there is a lot of potential waiting in the wings (Kizer).

Besides, Osweiler’s contract could be bypassed by Cleveland anyways after 2017 thanks to how it is structured.

The Browns could have dealt Osweiler to the Miami Dolphins. They just lost starter Ryan Tannehill. Signing Jay Cutler ended up being their decision though. Still, there are other quarterback-needy teams that could (should) offer something of value to Cleveland.

If an offer is received by Cleveland’s front office, considering it at the very least needs to happen. A list of quarterback-needy teams that should make a call to the Browns is led by the New York Jets. Their quarterback position is in far worst shape than Cleveland’s.

There are others too, but if I had to predict what kind of team would trade for Osweiler, it would instead be a team that typically averages a 7-9/8-8 record. Yes, that would mean such a team would be the victim of a quarterback injury a la the Dolphins and the Minnesota Vikings when they acquired Sam Bradford.

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No one can predict injuries and no one should put anything past the Browns’ front office. If a good enough trade offer comes their way, trading Osweiler could be a lot easier for them than many expects.

Of course, seeing Kizer and/or Kessler making more strides would certainly help in any and all discussions. Expect the unexpected. There are always those players we see get cut at the end of the preseason we were not expecting to see.

The same kind of situation can be applied with Osweiler but instead of him being cut, he gets dealt. Should no trade happen, Osweiler will be the Browns’ roster.

Since there are only so many worthwhile options to add via the quarterback market, the next couple of weeks will be quite interesting to watch. Like it or not, teams should look into trading for Osweiler.

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Will there be a team willing to make a Vikings’-esque offer to acquire the former Sun Devil? A lot will be known regarding any more trade speculation very soon.