The XFL should consider Ohio for any future expansion

Whether you’re a fan of the reborn XFL league or not is irrelevant, more football for more players is good for the health of the overall sport.

This shouldn’t be surprising, but monopolies are actually bad. Despite what that monocle-wearing dingus from the board game tells you. Monopolies stamp out the consumer and force everyone to buy into a specific item at an exorbitant price. It forces those in the field to kowtow to the whims of one organization and fall in line. That’s just part of the reason the XFL needs to expand.

Look at how the UFC handles press. Dana White bans and trashes experts and legends almost daily. He’s got all the major outlets to buy into the idea that the UFC has the “best” fighters in the world, despite nearly all of his best fighters coming from other organizations. Why is White allowed to get away with this? Because for the longest time he was the only game in town. People are afraid to piss him off. Just like people are afraid to piss off the NFL.

The NFL is dealing with the same situation. Did you know there are 11 pro-football leagues in operation today in the United States alone? Good luck getting any coverage on them. On top of that, in the last twenty years the United Football League, the original XFL, the Alliance of American Football and the Arena Football League all tried to be alternatives to the NFL but failed and closed down.

So yes, the XFL is good for pro-footballs health. It’s good for players to get paid, though their salaries need to be better. It’d also be great if the XFL expanded and came to Ohio. It’s not entirely likely the XFL would come to Cleveland, the city already has four pro-sports teams to support. Two of which, the Cleveland Monsters and the Cleveland Indians, are already dealing with poor support from the city. So it’s not likely that the city brings the XFL in.

Yet, the benchmark for a good showing attendance-wise for the XFL seems to be around the 12k-18k people range. You can get that in Akron, Canton or even Columbus. Columbus has been wanting more pro-teams and with the feeder that is Ohio State, the team can attract non-NFL bound alums to bolster the fanbase.

It’d be interesting to see the XFL in Cleveland, only to find out if the city can finally have a winning football team or not. Sound off below or on Twitter if you want to see an XFL team expand into Ohio and where you’d like to see it?

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