5 Browns Free Agents Most Likely to Walk This Offseason

Not all of the Cleveland Browns' pending free agents are guaranteed to return for the 2024 NFL season. Here's a look at the five who will most likely walk this offseason.

RB Kareem Hunt is one of the five most likely Browns free agents to walk this offseason.
RB Kareem Hunt is one of the five most likely Browns free agents to walk this offseason. / Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports
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The Cleveland Browns and the rest of the NFL have their sights set on free agency, which opens on March 13. It's going to be a busy foreseeable future for Browns general manager Andrew Berry, who must address the organization's 23 pending unrestricted free agents with only $2.4 million in cap space at his disposal, per Spotrac.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that the Browns won't be re-signing everyone. While lackluster performances are one reason why certain free agents won't return, others are just too expensive to work things out — regardless if they want to stay or leave.

Here are the five Browns free agents who are most likely to walk this offseason.

1. RB Kareem Hunt

Kareem Hunt has become a mainstay in the Browns' backfield, spending each of the last five seasons with the franchise. Having said that, his time in Cleveland could be coming to an end.

The former Pro Bowl running back was inefficient at generating yardage in 2023, averaging a career-worst 3.0 yards on 135 carries across 15 games (2 starts). Yes, he still racked up a personal-best nine touchdowns, however, the fact that eight of his nine touchdowns came within seven yards of the end zone shows that Hunt doesn't hold that much value outside of the red zone.

Heading into free agency, there just isn't much of a reason to re-sign Hunt, who turns 29 in August. He's getting to the age where RBs experience a major decline and it's possible that he could generate even fewer yards per carry once the 2024 campaign rolls around. The Browns also have Nick Chubb, Jerom Ford, John Kelly, and Pierre Strong all under contract, meaning a fifth RB isn't exactly needed — especially with the 2024 draft right around the corner, too.

With how quickly running backs can wind up on the shelf, I won't be surprised if Hunt is signed as an insurance option this offseason. It just won't be with the Browns.