Cade York in Even More Trouble With Browns Over Halftime Incident

Cade York is in hot water with the Browns after his latest screwup.
Cade York is in hot water with the Browns after his latest screwup. / Jeff Lange / USA TODAY NETWORK

Thursday night was a rough one for Cade York.

Not only did he miss two shots at a go-ahead field goal late in the Browns' preseason game against the Eagles -- costing his team a win in the process -- but fans also noticed a post to his Instagram story during halftime. Even more embarrassingly, the post was a highlight of him making a field goal during the first half, which looks even worse in hindsight and was quickly deleted after the game.

In addition to taking a bunch of flak from fans on Twitter, York also found himself in hot water with the coaching staff after the game.

Cade York Missed Field Goal

Head coach Kevin Stefanski addressed the issue during Friday's media session. According to Browns beat writer Mary Kay Cabot, Stefanski said that York wasn't responsible for his Instagram post during the game and that someone else had posted it to his account. Regardless, Stefanski said he still plans to discuss the post with York.

The NFL forbids players from being on their phones during games and has fined teams and players for violations in the past. As a second-year player, York is obviously well aware of the rules and probably didn't break them himself.

Regardless, it's still a terrible look for him to have someone else be posting highlights of him during a game that he ultimately choked away. He probably shouldn't even have a starting job at this point after missing a kick in three straight preseason games, so he should be more focused on improving his accuracy than building his brand.

Since Cleveland doesn't have any other kickers on the roster at the moment, Browns fans can only hope that York straighten things out next week during the team's final preseason game against the Chiefs. It's going to be awfully hard for Cleveland to make the playoffs without a reliable kicker, and York needs to clean up his act before it's too late.

The last thing any team needs is a kicker being a distraction, especially when he's not performing on the field

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